About Us

Sports4Life was funded by Cesar Monsalve an ex-professional Soccer player. Cesar was part of different teams on the Venezuelan Soccer League for over 7 years. Cesar is eager to share his experience as player, his knowledge, and his passion for Soccer with every kid in the London Ontario community.

Sports4Life is an organization created to provide the opportunity to practice sports and physical activities to young people, regardless of race, religion or economics status in urban communities. Sports4Life will design and implement youth sports programs with academic and social standards that will develop young people into well rounded members of our community.

Sports4Life’s mission is to promote the love for sports and physical activities and make it available to all kids by enhancing their lives through sports and activities that are rooted of fun, educational, and ethical principles. Through our programming we hope to give our kids the discipline, knowledge and opportunities to be successful in their adult lives

Our initial strategy is to promote and facilitate one of the country’s fastest growing sports leagues, Soccer. According to the Canadian Soccer Association, Soccer is the sport with the most registered players in the country. Our main goal is to provide a professional and safe environment for the kids, with added support to provide entertainment and physical fitness. Services will include practices and games in nice and comfortable locations, summer camps, PD day events, learning clinics, and special events as all-day leagues.

Sports4Life will keep focusing on a long term strategy to develop additional sports in the same way as we will do with Soccer.

The initial Soccer program will emphasize on:

Physical Strength – This is an optimal window for trainability of speed, flexibility and skills.

Technical Skills – Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements; technical skills are developed in training and within the context of basic soccer games.

Tactical Plays – Developing environment awareness and encouraging decision making –  simple combinations, marking and running into space.

Mental Strength – Intrinsic motivation is developed by the fun and enjoyment that foster desire to play, imagination, creativity, and discipline.

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